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Metalphoto Product Specifications
Engineering Material Designation - Material shall be photosensitive, anodized aluminum impregnated with silver compounds in specified thickness and finish.
COLOR Plates can be background tinted in various colors or selectively colored to meet design requirements.
DURABILITY Exterior exposure: black & silver images exceed 400 hours weatherometer testing, estimated equivalent to 20 years.
ABRASION 7,000 cycles with tabor abrasor with CS17 wheel, 1000 gram load results in no loss of readabiltiy.
SOLVENT RESISTANCE Solvents have no effect on plates.
CHEMICAL RESISTANCE Plates are unharmed by most chemicals. Strong acids and alkalies have some degrading effects.
HEAT RESISTANCE Standard black and silver images show no pronounced loss of legibility after 750 degrees. Image intensified panels show no pronounced loss of legibility at 1000 degrees.
MILITARY RESISTANCE Panels meet the most stringent industrial and military standards: GG-P-455B, MIL-P-15024D, MIL-P-514D, MIL-P-19834B.



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